CoachConnect offers integration with Zapier for Coach accounts. Please follow the steps below to integrate your CoachConnect account with Zapier.


Step 1: Find your Zapier key in your CoachConnect account under Settings – Integrations and copy it:

Step 2: Log into your Zapier account and in “My Apps” search for CoachConnect and connect to the app.

Step 3: Paste your CoachConnect Zapier key into the API Key field:

You should now see the CoachConnect app listed under “My Apps”.



Student Purchases a Course in CoachConnect

This trigger allows CoachConnect to send your new student enrollments (course sales) data to Zapier.

The following fields are available for integrating with other Zapier Apps:

“id”: “sub_1MlunoEacXrRuUiMt8k7xZSG”,
“order_date”: “2023-03-15 13:55:38”,
“order_amount”: “1000.00”,
“cart_token”: “y6QW95Q0HY”,
“customer_id”: “cus_NWylIMmsv8omJs”,
“price_type”: “per month”,
“first_name”: “Joe”,
“last_name”: “Smith”,
“email_address”: “”,
“phone_number”: “(444) 333-5555”,
“billing_street_address”: “123 Joy Rd”,
“billing_city”: “Canton”,
“billing_state”: “Michigan”,
“billing_zip_code”: “48187”,
“billing_country”: “US”,
“title”: “Intro Marketing Course”,
“duration_number”: “90”,
“duration_period”: “days”,
“name”: “Your Company LLC”


Add Student

Use this action when you enroll (sell your course) outside of the CoachConnect platform and want to automatically add the Student to your CoachConnect account.

Here are the required fields that CoachConnect requires to add a student to our platform: